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Help desk
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Global Customer Assistance Service

Eligible for Visa Gold, Visa Platinum.

Lost and Stolen Cards Reporting (LSC)
Emergency Cash Disbursement (ECD)
Emergency Card Replacement (ECR)
Card Information Services (CIS)

24-hour cardholder assistance worldwide.

Visa provides full information on cardholders inquiries.

Cardholders can get cash advance at over 270,000 locations worldwide.

The issuers should approve a cardholder’s cash advance request prior to disbursement.

A temporary card shall be delivered within 1-3 business days wherever in the world.

The temporary card shall be issued only upon an issuer’s approval.

A cardholder can receive reply on any Visa card maintenance inquiry any time wherever in the world.

Please contact the Global Assistance Service at:

  • +380 44 499 39 75;
  • +7 727 399 0303;

For more information, please contact at: +998 71 140 69 00.