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A Priority Pass International card provides you access to airport VIP lounges worldwide.

The program is eligible for Visa Gold, Visa Platinum.

Priority Pass is the greatest program in the world providing access to airport VIP lounges worldwide.

You can enjoy the following Priority Pass benefits:

  • Relax in tranquility and comfort, away from airport hustle and bustle in any of 950 airport VIP lounges in over 400 cities around the world;
  • Relaxing and comfortable area with complimentary pre-flight bites and refreshing drinks;
  • Business services: telephone, fax, Internet, e-mail, conference room;
  • Invite colleagues, clients, and friends to the airport VIP lounge;

A Priority Pass cardholder may enjoy all benefits of Lounge Class worldwide, wherever he/she travels, regardless of any club membership of an air company or a ticket class. You do not have to fly first or business class to enjoy the Priority Pass benefits. Services can be either paid or free, depending on the rules set up by each particular VIP lounge.

How to become a Priority Pass cardholder

A Priority Pass card is free for holders of premium cards Visa Gold и Visa Platinum.

To order a card, you should submit an application at the Bank and then get a Priority Pass card as well as a handbook containing the detailed information on the services and the location of each of Priority Pass VIP lounges.

How to use a Priority Pass card

To have access to VIP lounges, you just need to present your Priority Pass membership card. You can also invite your guests, friends or business partners. To register your visit, your card shall be imprinted and you shall be asked to sign an imprinted slip. You are recommended to keep your Cardholder’s Copy. At some lounges your card can be processed via an electronic terminal. Your visit shall not be paid right at the lounge. At the end of each month, your card indicated in your application shall be charged for the amount due for each visit to the lounge by you and your guests.

For more information about this program, please use this link.

By using the personal ID number on a front side of your Priority Pass card, you may:

  • Acknowledge the latest version of the Priority Pass handbook.
  • Find out the latest updates on any changes related to the Priority Pass program as well as any services provided by various VIP lounges;
  • Search for particular VIP-lounges based on specified parameters (country or airport name);
  • Download needed information on VIP lounge on your computer or mobile phone.
For more information, please contact at: +998 71 140 69 00.