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Securities Service

    Brokerage Services on the Stock Market

    The Bank carries out its activities in the securities market according to the license of the Center for Coordination and Control over the Securities Market under the State Property Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan № 746 from September 22, 2003, which allows the bank to be a full participant in the stock market of Uzbekistan.

    The bank provides brokerage services to legal entities and natural persons via its own brokerage office, enabling the Bank to significantly reduce operational costs for bank customers.

  1. REPO Deals

    The Bank has extensive experience in providing financial services to companies due to Repo deals. Repo deals are considered by initiators as a fast and optimal financing option and alternative option for lending. The Bank evaluates proposed securities and their issuer in terms of liquidity, company sustainability, profitability and solvency. The bank buys securities for up to one year term. Interest rates on these deals are equivalent to valid loan interest rates on deal value date.

  2. - Underwriting and payment agent services for guaranteed placement of issuer’s stock securities

    The Bank offers corporate securities placement to companies that need external borrowings. For this purpose, the Bank provides a comprehensive approach: from choosing the optimal parameters to issue securities, prepare the client’s securities issuance prospect, circulation and up to selling to investors.

  3. Investment portfolio management consulting

    The Bank has achieved a high level of customer service by providing analytical information and advisory services on investment strategy and investment efficiency. Taking into consideration individual needs of each client, the Bank design terms and conditions of a client’s investment portfolio management agreement as well as determine the areas of cooperation.