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Terms and Conditions of Foreign Credit Lines of Ipak Yuli Bank

ADB Credit Line "Support of small business and private entrepreneurship."

Purpose of Credit Lines

  • equipment;
  • machine tools;
  • technical solutions;
  • funding of projects related to the purchase of equipment, components, spare parts, raw materials, goods and work abroad

Loan Term

Loan term is up to:

5 years for purchase of fixed assets

18 months for purchase of working capital

Grace period for fixed assets is up to 2 years, for workig capital - up to 6 months

Loan Limits

Loan limit is up to USD 300,000

Basic Payment Terms and Conditions

LC - 100% of the import contract value (the disclosure is as follows):

90% on shipment of equipment;

10% on equipment installation

Prepayment is made by providing a bank guarantee for the return of the advance payment

Additional Fees and Commissions

For loan agreement term changes - up to 5 MMR

Loan Interest Rate

Min. 6 months LIBOR in US dollars + 8% per annum

Borrower’s Mandatory Project Participation (Borrower’s own funds)

Min. 33,33% of the project amount

Required Indemnity

Not less than 125% of the loan amount

Repayment Schedule

Semi-annual repayments

Other Conditions

  • Loans are issued in US dollars;
  • The female share in the statuory fund of the enterprise should not be at least 50%;
  • The producer/supplier must be a resident of a country that is a regional or non-regional member of ADB;
  • Priority will be given to projects aimed at exporting and implementing outside of Tashkent (production site), as well as enterprises with foreign exchange earnings