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Legal Entity Corporate Card

Corporate card includes such features as the speed of cash payment and the safety of large amounts of non-cash payments.

Corporate bank cards are a new form of funds issuance managed by the employees of the enterprise. Generally, several cards, which are linked to one account of the enterprise are issued. Moreover, the enterprise can use its funds when necessary within the limits specified on the card, without withdrawing the whole amount in advance. The bank should provide full information about the flow of funds by indicating the types of debit transactions on each card to the enterprise.

Corporate cards are commonly used for business needs, non-cash payments in trading enterprises, at gas stations, service-providing industries. Depending on the needs of the enterprise that are paid via corporate cards.

Corporate cards are convenient for payment of the following expenses:

  1. Costs related to the primary activities of the organization

    • Purchase of goods, payments to suppliers
    • Payment for services related to the primary activity of the company.
  2. Business trip and hospitality expenses:

    • Restaurant expenses
    • Tickets acquirement
    • Hotel accommodation expenses
    • Automobile rental
    • Daily allowance receival
  3. Business and overhead costs:

    • Purchase of office supplies (stationery), office equipment, and software
    • Online purchases (training materials, books, etc.)
    • Hotel accommodation expenses
    • Payment for courier and other professional services
    • Other administrative expenses